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Cause Driven Commerce

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licensed partnership brand  + brand 

 to advocate through media and marketing to increase cause driven commerce.

commerce ventures

"spirit of the deal"

Positioning  and placement into a media

 platform for market driven cause driven commerce building, venture colloborations.

ce be deal on a napkin

our endorsements include previous contributors & advisors

We are focused upon influence and need.

With our colloborators and joint ventured brand program, we build the point of sale locally with global cross promotions for new revenues to share.

What's In A Name?

ce the green

Our r and  d  cause driven point of sale promo;  interactive info driven assistance with the use of high tech, alternative solutions " For Your Health".

Marketplace for Solutions


News advice about opportunity

 with partnered media advocacy.

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archived history of creation

BE The Cause BE the Cure

cause driven media marketing 

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Business. Technology. Legal. Finance.

Brand Contributors


power brand + cause drven brand

Ad Ventures

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joint ventures r and d new opportunities

marketing brand ventures license buiding new expansions 

biz app

Licenses include media plus marketing

To provide advisors and partners the programs to effectively create revenue

CE BE Programs

creative endeavors

business endeavors

Our Program Opportunity

cause driven media and point of sale marketing.

Passion for AdVenture.

Ventured Licensing

Cause Driven Commerce 

Licensed Rights to produce 

Licensing Partnerships venture building.

Release Passion

Ventured Endeavors Licensing

cause driven media

 brand contributors

cause driven marketing

fast fish

advice apps to  compete wih the big fish 

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Tactical Overview

Trend analysis

Strategic placements

Positioning Placement

Meeting resource needs

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Ventured Brands

Inspire Desire plus Power Brands advocating for knowledge and alternatives.

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Commerce Project

passion igniting transformtion of a vision 

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our r and d project venture.

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Our partner’s exchanges of source to resource are the true value of our endeavors.

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